John P. Weisengoff & Joseph Shary

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The Psalter according to the Church Slavonic


Title: The Psalter / An English Translation of the /
CHURCH SLAVONIC / Version of / The Greek Septuagint
. [By John P. Weisengoff and Joseph Shary]
Date: 1985 (for the Translation) / 1901 (for the original Greek)

Publisher: Detroit MI (U.S.A.): The St. Joseph´s Institute

Contents: II.: The Psalter of David / Blessed Prophet and King (1 to 151) with the Paraklis and Paschalia • III.: The Nine Canticles. –– Preface, I.: Introduction, Order for Reading the Psalter during the Great Feast; On Reciting the Psalter Alone; Prayer to the Trinity. –; IV.: Supplement, e. g. Tropars; Prayer of St. Ephrem. Supplement: Divine Liturgy. V.: Addenda.
Images: Title of Psalter translation, Title of 1901 Slavonic Psalter
Location: Collection Bibelarchiv–Birnbaum. Karlsruhe/ Baden, Germany

Comments: Paperback, large octavo; sewn binding, 352 pp. Scripture texts in single column verse–wise; no Psalm headings. Psalms divided in Kathismata.
The editors of the St. Joseph´s Institute wrote a single paged Preface, dated March 25, 1985, Feast of the Annunciation of the Mother of God; therein it is said concerning the translation:
»Accurate and useful translations of the Septuagint have been made by Orthodox and Protestant Christians and are being used in their liturgical services. Nevertheless, an original translation of the Greek–Slavonic version of the Psalter was deemed important by the St. Joseph´s Institute. This work was undertaken by the late Dr. John P[eter] Weisengoff and Rev. Joseph Shary in 1972. It is the translation of the Slavonic Psalter published in Lviw by the Stauropiggian Institute in 1901. Comments and observations were sought from the outstanding Greek scholar and translator, Prof. Albert Kezel. (…) The versification of this translation follows the numbering of Rahlf´s Septuaginta.«
Quoted from a letter by J. Shary, included in this Psalter, we read:
»This translation of the Psalter has been the fruit of nearly 21 years of study and research by the late Dr. J. P. Weisengoff and Rev J. Shary. The text is not official nor has been approved by church authorities.«
The Psalter runs up to p. 204, closing with the additional Psalm 151. The Nine Canticles are printed up to p. 225, the Supplement from p. 226 to 341, to be followed by the Addenda.


John Peter Weisengoff (* Nov 17, 1909 † Sep. 1978)

Born Chicago IL (U.S.A.) to parents from Russia and Lithuania, resp., both of presumably German origin. J. P. Weisengoff resided in Maryland and, later, in Illinois. He was laid to rest in the Ukrainian Catholic St. Nicholas Cemetery in Chicago, IL

Joseph Shary (* 1927 † 1989):

A native of New Jersey, Fr. Joseph Shary, the founder of St. Joseph the Betrothed parish was born in 1927, a descendent of first-wave Ukrainian immigrants. Immediately after being ordained to the Holy Priesthood in 1950 at the cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Philladelphia, Fr. Shary came to Chicago to help build the rapidly expanding Ukrainian Catholic community. Following his establishment of St. Joseph parish, Fr. Shary went on to found at least three more parishes, that of St. Josaphat in Munster, Indiana, the Immaculate Conception in Palatine, Illinois, and St. John in Detroit. Fr. Shary spent a majority of his priestly life at St. Joseph, however, and was the primary catalyst for the building of the new church building. Fr. Shary fell asleep in the Lord in September of 1989 while pastor of St. John’s parish in Detroit. He was buried at his family’s cemetery plot in Elizabeth, New Jersey.


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