Yosef Shavuii Ben Dovid-Joseph Weekley

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Title: Netzari Emunah • התנ’’ך הקדוש / The Holy Bible יהודי נצרים האורתודוקסי התנ’’ך • The Orthodox Jewish Netzari Bible /
Yehoshua Hinei Tzemach Shmo Zecharyah 6:11-12 "R. Joshua ben Levi says (Moshiach's) name is Tzemach…" Jer. Talmud Berachot Chap 2 Halacha 4 / And men shall worship Hashem, everyone from His place, even all the Coasts and islands of the Goyim.
Date: February 5, 2015
Publisher: Orthodox Union Press: Jerusalem
Contents: Bible
Images: Cover, Title page, Publication information
Comments: This appears to be for the Amazon Kindle only. According to the translator, two printed versions, soft– and hardcover, will be available around summer 2015.


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