José M. de Vinck & Leonidas C. Contos

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Title: The Septuagint Psalms. The Psalms Translated from the Greek Septuagint.
[By] José M. de Vinck & Leonidas C. Contos
Date: 1993. № of copies printed: 2000.
Publisher: Allendale, NJ (U.S.A.): Alleluia Press / Redwood Shores, CA (U.S.A.): Narthex Press
Contents: Psalms according to the LXX 1- 151
Images: Cover, Title
Location: Collection Bibelarchiv- Birnbaum; Karlsruhe, Germany
Comments: Hardcover octavo, sewn binding; XIV & 192 pp. Foreword given by Archbishop Iakovos of »The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America« on The Feast of Indication, 1993. Introduction written by José de Vinck, Allendale, August 1993. He characterizes his translation briefly, as follows:
»I have offered a literal translation, giving the reader the freedom of choice. I spite of all the scolarly research, there will always remain in the Psalms a certain mystery, and it should be respected. The quaint titles have been omitted, because they are generally imcomprehensible. Also, the numbering of the paragraphs has been dropped, for it seems distracting in a book intended for devotional reading.«
All texts are framed in red. As said in the Introduction, Psalm- headings and verse numberings are not given.


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