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New Testament


Title:The New Testament from 26 Translations. General Editor Curtis Vaughan, Th. D.
Date: 1967
Publisher: Zondervan Publishing House: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Contents: New Testament
Images: Jacket, Title page
Comments: "The aim of The New Testament from 26 Translations is to combine in one volume the complete King James text and the most significant variations from 25 later translations." - from the dust jacket.

The New Testament translations included are:

  1. King James Version - The only version included in its entirety.
  2. The American Standard Version
  3. The Revised Standard Version
  4. The New American Standard Bible
  5. The New English Bible
  6. The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (John Broadus et al) - This is the American Bible Union Improved Edition of 1891.
  7. The New Testament (Henry Alford)
  8. The New Testament in Basic English
  9. The New Testament in the Language of Today (William F. Beck)
  10. The Berkeley Version of the New Testament (Gerrit Verkuyl)
  11. The Epistles of Paul (W.J. Conybeare)
  12. The New Testament: An American Translations (Edgar J. Goodspeed)
  13. The New Testament in the Translation of Monsignor Ronald Knox
  14. The New Testament According to the Eastern Texts (George N. Lamsa)
  15. The New Testament: A New Translation (James Moffatt)
  16. The Centenary Translation: The New Testament in Modern English (Helen Bartlett Montgomery) - Translator is really "Helen Barrett Montgomery"
  17. The New Testamnet: A New Translation (Olaf M. Norlie)
  18. The New Testament in Modern English (J. B. Phillips)
  19. The Book of the Acts (C. H. Rieu)
  20. The Four Gospels (E. V. Rieu)
  21. The Emphasized New Testament: A New Translation (J. B. Rotherham)
  22. Living Letters: The Paraphrased Epistles; Living Gospels: The Paraphrased Gospels; Living Prophecies: The Minor Prophets Paraphrased and Daniel and the Revelation (Kenneth N. Taylor)
  23. The Twentieth Century New Testament
  24. The New Testament in Modern Speech (Richard Francis Weymouth)
  25. The New Testament: A Translation in the Language of the People (Charles B. Williams)
  26. The Amplified New Testament



Title:The Word. The Bible from 26 Translations. General Editor Curtis Vaughan, Th. D.
Date: 1998
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Contents: Bible
Images: Jacket

The Old Testament translations are:

  1. King James Version - The only version included in its entirety.
  2. The Bible: An American Translation by J. M. Powis Smith and Edgar J. Goodspeed
  3. The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments: An Improved Edition American Baptist Publication Society - based on the American Bible Union Version
  4. The Amplified Bible
  5. The American Standard Version
  6. The Bible in Basic English
  7. The Modern Language Bible: The New Berkeley Version in Modern English
  8. Praise-Songs of Israel: A Rendering of the Book of Psalms by John DeWitt
  9. The Psalms for Today: A New Translation from the Hebrew into Current English by R. K. Harrison
  10. The Jerusalem Bible
  11. The Holy Scriptures According to the Masoretic Text: A New Translation
  12. The Holy Bible: A Translation from the Latin Vulgate in the Light of the Hebrew and Greek Originals by Monsignor Ronald Knox
  13. The Holy Bible from Ancient Eastern Manuscripts by George M. Lamsa
  14. A New Translation of the Bible by James Moffatt
  15. The New American Bible
  16. The New English Bible
  17. The Psalms in the Book of Common Prayer of the Anglican Church
  18. Four Prophets: Amos, Hosea, First Isaiah, Micah by J. B. Phillips
  19. The Emphasized Bible: A New Translation by J. B. Rotherham
  20. The Revised Standard Version
  21. The Holy Bible: Revised Version
  22. The Septuagint by Charles Thompson
  23. A Translation of the Old Testament Scriptures from the Original Hebrew by Helen Spurrell
  24. The Living Bible
  25. The Torah: The Five Books of Moses
  26. Young’s Literal Translation of the Holy Bible by Robert Young


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