Gwin Turner ◨ The Heritage Bible

Containing The
A Totally New, Literal, and Absolutely Precise
Translation Out Of The Original Tongues
by Gwin Turner, M.A., B. D., Ph. D.
With explanatory notes, devotions, and cross references
Date: 2002
URL: (mirror of original website) (mirror of Heritage Bible)
Publisher: The Cathedral University, Los Angeles
Contents: PB with extensive footnotes
Pdf format, one pdf per book.
Gwin Turner was a Baptist minister associated with Arthur Blessit.

From the preface:

The Heritage Bible is my dedicated and determined effort to express in English the exact way in which God expressed Himself. I have in no way attempted to express God’s words in the way we would say it. My determined purpose, and I believed I have been enabled by the Holy Spirit to accomplish that purpose, is to express it as closely as possible the way God expressed it with the least loss of the forcefullness of His language as is possible. My purpose is to conform my mind to His way of speaking and expressing His thoughts in His words. My purpose in doing this is to give you a translation that God can use to fashion your thinking, speaking, and acting in agreement with God. I shall in this world never give up aspiring to that holy command of the Lord Jesus, “You therefore be perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect,” Mat 5:48. I am sure I have not reached it yet, but like the Apostle Paul, “I pursue according to what is
scoped out, for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus,” Php 3:14.
These have been some of my God given convictions since the first day over a half century ago I began to search the original languages of the Bible to be sure I knew what God said, so I would present His message as clearly and as accurately as any minister of the Word could and should. It is my solid conviction that The Heritage Bible is the most
exact and precise translation of the original words of the Bible into English that exists today.
The Notes referenced in the verses and given at the bottom of the pages are my own notes that were profitable to me out of the resulting word studies and constant reading, studying, praying, and re-reading the Word of God consecutively from beginning to end for many years to be as sure as possible that I knew what God was saying.
The translator trusts that your and my defective thoughts, words, and actions will be healed by God’s perfect words.

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