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Title: The Four Gospels A New Translation by Charles Cutler Torrey
Date: 1933
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton, Limited: London Also published by Harper and Brothers Publishers: New York in 1933
Contents: Gospels
References: Chamberlin p. 620-1; Herbert 2243; Hills 2339
Images: Harper and Brothers Title page, Hodder and Stoughton Title page
Comment: Hardcover octavo, thread stitiching; XII & 332 pp.; Scripture text in running form; verse numberings set. No footnotes, but cross references in 2nd appendix. "The Origin of the Gospels", with footnotes" from p. 237 to 286, followed by "Notes on the New Readings“, which serve as a brief commentary on select verses. Aramaic words transliterated, Greek words in Greek script.

»It is purposed here to show that the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, and John were composed in Aramaic on the basis of popular documents widespread in Palestine, and that they were by others translated into Greek without intended change. Also, that Luke employed only Semitic sources, assembling them into an especially complete Gospel, which he himself translated. The evidence of translation, in each and all of the Four Gospels, is perfectly clear and very complete. The attempt is here made to give an English rendering which takes constant account of the original Semitic text, everywhere closely reproduced in the Greek. (…) The Greek text which is here followed is almost always that of Westcott and Hort. The test of translation seems to show that the text of Codex B stands very near indeed to that of the original translators. The reading of Codex Bezae and its associates have been all but invariably disregarded (…).«
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Biographical data:

Charles Cutler Torrey: * East Hardwick, VT (U.S.A.) Sep. 20, 1863 † Nov 12, 1956 Chicago IL (U.S.A.)) Semitic Scholar

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