C.A. Muses - Revision of Thomson's Translation

Title: The Septuagint Bible, the Oldest Text of the Old Testament in the Translation of Charles Thomson, Secretary of the Continental Congress of the United States of America, 1774-1789, as edited, revised and enlarged by C. A. Muses
Date: Thomson's translation was published in 1808 and Muses' reprint/revision was printed in 1954 and reprinted in 1960.
Publisher: The Falcon's Wing Press: Indian Hills, CO
Contents: Old Testament
References: Chamberlin 19-1, 114-2, 124-1; Hills 2540; Taliaferro CN00314, Taliaferro-EELBV 7255.110.
Comments: This edition contains some changes made by Charles Thomson in his own copy of this Bible and the material from the Septuagint version of Esther that is found in the Apocrypha.
Images: Cover, Title page

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