New Testament in Greek and English

Title: The New Testament / Greek and English / The Greek Text prepared by the United Bible Societies
Authors: KURT ALAND, MATHEW BLACK, CARLO M. MARTINI, BRUCE M. METZGER, AND ALLEN WIKGREN / in cooperation with the / Institute for New Testament Textual Research / and the / Today’s English Version / from / “Good News for Modern Man”.
Publisher: American Bible Society / New York.
DATE: © 1966, 1968 - Second Edition - Third Printing -
Library Codes: Greek-English NT AO283TEDVI-56503 / ABS-1970-5,000-15,000-K-3
Number of Pages: Introduction, preface, bibliography: 57 pages; text and apparatus, index of quotations, and glossary: 920 pages; 16mo, cloth-bound
Contents: The Greek text prepared by the / United Bible Societies / The English text as in Today’s English Version © American Bible Society
Language: koiné Greek / English in 2 parallel columns on a page
References: Chronological History of the Bible - 20th Century quotes the first edition of 1966
Location: private (m-kaly)
Comments: Considered a reference edition and often quoted as “The Greek New Testament”. Edited by four textual scholars, who comprised an international and interdenominational committee appointed in 1955 by the American Bible Society, the National Bible Society of Scotland, and the Wuerttemberg Bible Society, who were later joined by the Netherlands Bible Society and the British and Foreign Bible Society. Their aim was to produce an edition of the Greek New Testament primarily to meet the requirements of Bible translators throughout the world. The preface states that “Since this edition is intended primarily for translators, it is not to be regarded as in competition with other modern editions…”. The Greek text is heavily commented with footnotes referencing the sources used.


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