Summer School for Hebrew (Class Four)

The Members of Class Four were: J. L. Cheney, president, Ira M. Price, secretary, Elbert Chute, O. O. Fletcher, R. F. Harper, C. C. Herriott, G. F. Linfield, G. L. Morrill, H. C. Nash, B. F. Simpson.

"The variations of the Septuagint were noted and translated by Mr. O. O. Fletcher, Caro, Mich.; those of the Targum, by Mr. Ira M. Price, Granville, Ohio; and those of the Vulgate, by J. L. Cheney, Elgin, Illinois … The translation is wholly the work of the class. The instructor was not present at any of the meetings of the committee, and is responsible only as editor and publisher."


Title: The Prophecy of Malachi: a Revised Translation in Parallel Columns with the Authorized Version, Together with the Various Renderings of the Septuagint, Targum of Jonathan, and Vulgate. By Class Four, of the Summer School for Hebrew, Morgan Park, Chicago
Date: 1881
Publisher: Chicago: Donnelly, Gassette & Loyd, Printers
Contents: Malachi
Images: Title page


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