Steps For Adding a New Entry

Steps for adding a new entry

  1. First determine if the particular translation or edition has already been entered. The easiest way to do this is to search (in the upper right hand corner) for the translation. If the translation is already present, check to see if the particular edition you wish to enter is already there.
  2. If the translation is present, but the edition is not, then go to the translation page, click the edit tab on the bottom of the page and enter the information for the new edition. Please check out the Template page for the requested information.
  3. If the translation is not present, then go to Add New Page and enter a name for the page. A good choice is the translator’s last name or an abbreviation of the translation. (I usually use all lower case and a dash '-' instead of a space.)
  4. Once the new page is opened enter the information. Again, the template has all of the requested information.
  5. Pictures can be sent to moc.oohay|ikiw_elbib#moc.oohay|ikiw_elbib and I will add them to the page. Please provide clear scans of the title page and the cover or jacket (if it contains important information). Sample pages can also be sent and I will include them as well. Please provide the largest picture you can.
  6. If you have questions or problems, please send an email to moc.oohay|ikiw_elbib#moc.oohay|ikiw_elbib and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  7. If you would rather have me enter the information, you can e-mail all the information from the template page and I will enter the information.

I try to maintain some consistency on the various pages so please do not be offended if I make some minor edits to your entry. I will also added the ""breadcrumbs" and link your page into the proper Catalog page once your entry is complete.

Thanks for helping expand the Internet Bible Catalog.

Stephen (Bible_Wiki)


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