The Septuagint (abbreviated as the LXX) is an ancient translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek. It was originally created for Jews living outside of Israel who did not speak Hebrew. It circulated in Palestine in the time of Jesus and many quotes of the Old Testament in the New Testament are from the Septuagint. The early Church adopted the Septuagint as their Holy Scriptures. The Septuagint includes some books that are not in the Hebrew Bible; today these books are consider part of the Apocrypha by Protestant Christians and Deuterocanonical by the Catholic Church.

Franciscus Halma Edition 1709


Title: Η ΠΑΛΑΙΑ / ΔΙΑΘΗΚΗ / ΚΑΤΑ ΤΟΥΣ / ΕΒΔΟΜΗΚΟΝΤΑ / Vetus Testamentum / Ex Versione / Septuaginta Interpretum, / Secundum Exemplar Vaticanum Roma editum, / Accuratissime deno recognitum, / Una cum Scholiis ejusdem Editionis, Variis MStorum / Codicum Veterumque Exemplarium Lectionibus, nec non / Fragmentis Versiones Aquilae, Symmachi & Theodotionis. / Summa Cura Edidit / Lambertus Bos, / L. Gr. in Acad. Franeq. Professor. / Franequerae / Excudit Franciscus Halma, Illustr. Frisiae Ord. / atque Eorumdem Academiae Typogr. Ordinar. / M D C C I X.
Contents: The Old Testament in the Septuagint Version
Date: 1709
Publisher: Franciscus Halma, Franeker
Images: Title page
Comments: From the Vatican Codex (Codex B) originally edited by Antonio Carafa and published in 1587 in Rome, now newly edited by Lambert Bos of the University of Franeker of Holland.
References: Darlow & Moule 4726

Alfred Rahlfs Edition


Title: Η ΠΑΛΑΙΑ ΔΙΑΘΗΚΗ ΚΑΤΑ ΤΟΥΣ Ο’ (SEPTUAGINTA) ΕΠΙΣΤΗΜΟΝΙΚΗ ΕΠΙΜΕΛΕΙΑ Prof D. Dr. Alfred Rahlfs / Septuaginta - Id est Vestus Testamentum graece iuxta LXX interpreted edidit Alfred Rahlfs. Editio minor Duo volumina in uno
Date: Copyright 1935
Publisher: ΒΙΒΛΙΚΗ ΕΤΑΙΡΙΑ ΟΔΟΣ ΝΙΚΟΔΗΜΟΥ 3 ΑΘΗΝΑΙ / Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft: Stuttgart
Images: Cover, Greek Title page, Latin Title page

Here are some English translations of the Septuagint:


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