Scottish Gaelic New Testament and Psalms

New Testament


Title:Tiomnadh Nuadh ar Tighearn Agus ar Slanuighir Iosa Criosd, Air a Tharruing o 'n ghreugais Chum Caelic Albannaich; agus Air a Chur a Mach le H-ughdarras Ard-Shean-Aidh Eaglais na H-alba. Edinburgh Bible Society. Edinburgh: Printed by Anderson and Bryce: For the Edinburgh Bible Society; by permission, from the Quarto Edition of the Society in Scotland for the Propagating Christian Knowledge. 1839.
Date: 1839
Publisher: Edinburgh: Edinburgh Bible Society.
Contents: New Testament
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Title: Sailm Dhaibhidh air An Eadar-Theangachadh o na Sgrioptuiribh Naomha. The National Bible Society of Scotland. 1862.
Date: 1862
Publisher: The National Bible Society of Scotland
Contents: Psalms
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Comments: This was bound with the New Testament above.

Catholic New Testament


Title:Tiomnadh Nuadh /ar / Tighearna Agus ar Slanair, / Iosa Criosta, / Air a Thionndadh as an Laidnin / Gu Gaidhlig. / Le Aonta Easbnigean as h-Alba. / Aberdeen: A. King & Co., Printers and Stereotypers. 1875.
Date: 1875
Publisher: A. King & Co., Printers and Stereotypers, Aberdeen
Contents: New Testament.
Comments A Catholic translation from the Latin Vulgate by Father Evan MacEachen and edited from his manuscript by Father Colin Grant with the assistance of other priests. The idiom differs from that in the Protestant versions by being more strongly Scottish Gaelic; while the orthography mainly the pronunciation of Lochaber.
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References Darlow & Moule 4105


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