Ee By Gum, Lord! - Sample Verses

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Matthew 6:9-13 - The Lord's Prayer

Ahr Fatther, 'oo art in 'Eaven,
Let thy name bi shown respect,
Let thy Kingdom come abaht —
An what tha wants doin, Lord, let it bi done —
'Ere on earth
Same as up yonder;
Gi'e us each day
Summat to eyt an' sup;
An' let us off, Lord,
If we've offended Thee bi doin owt wrong —
An' 'elp us nut to 'od grudges
Agen other fowk
If the've done owt to offend us;
An keep us aht o' t' rooad o' temptation,
An' aht o' f clutches of Owd Nick,
Fer it's all thine is t' Kingdom, Lord,
An' all t’ Pahr, an' all t' Glooary,
Fer ivver an' ivver …
Aye! It is that!


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