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1 Corinthians XV:1-8 (1951 ed.)

My brothers, I want you to be under no misapprehension as to the purport of the Glad-tidings that I proclaimed to you, which also you received, and in which you still stand firm, and by means of which too you are being saved. I would have you recall in what terms I proclaimed it to you; for I presume you remember- unless indeed your belief was all in vain. Well, I delivered to you, as the cardinal feature of your faith, which was no invention of my own- I received it myself- that

The Resurrection Creed-chant
Messiah died for our sins,
According to the Scriptures.
He was buried, and was raised the third day,
According to the Scriptures.

He was seen by Kephas, then by the Twelve:
Thereafter was He seen by over five hundred brethren at one time,

Of whom most survive even until now;
But some have slept in death.
Thereafter was He seen by James,
Then by all His apostles.

And last of all, by me too, as it were by His Child untimely-born, was He seen.


My shepherd is the Lord ; He leads
Me in green pastures' peace to rest ;
Beside still water–pools He feeds
Me of His best.

When from the flock His lost sheep strays,
He seeks me in the wilderness,
And, as He promised, leads by ways
Of righteousness.

Though death's dark–shadowing vale be trod
By me, yet will I fear no ill,
With me Though art ; Thy staff and rod
Strengthen me still.

While foes look on in baffled spite,
My feast of fat things hast Thou spread :
My cub is brimmed; Thine oil is bright
Upon mine head.

Mercy and grace shall compass me
Through all my days, behind, before.
Where God is, there mine home shall be
For evermore.



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