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Psalm 23


The sheep-keepin o' the Lord's kind
an' canny, wi' a braw howff at
lang last: David keep his sheep;
the Lord keeps David.

Ane heigh-lilt o' David's.

1 THE LORD is my herd, nae
want sal fa' me:
2 He louts me till lie amang green
howes; he airts me atowre by
the lown watirs:
3 He waukens my wa'-gaen saul;
he weises me roun, for his ain
name's sake, intil right roddins.
4 Na! tho' I gang thro' the dead-
mirk-dail; e'en thar, sal I dread nae
skaithin: for yersel are nar-by me;
yer stok an' yer stay haud me baith
fu' cheerie.
5 My buird ye hae hansell'd in
face o' my faes; ye hae drookit my
head wi' oyle; my bicker is fu' an'
6 E'en sae, sal gude-guidin an'
gude-gree gang wi' me, ilk day o'
my livin ; an' evir mair syne, i' the
LORD's ain howff, at lang last,
sal I mak bydan.

Isaiah 55:1-3


Truth, like a spate, i' the lan' sal swee; an the folk war wyss, they suld gang an' pree.

1 HY! A' that's sair tholin wi' drowthe, an' wha has nae siller till gie; come yer wa's till the watirs [o' truth:] come yer wa's, ye can buy an' pree: aye, come, ye can buy wi' nac siller; wine an' milk, an' wi' never a fee.
2 What-for fling ye siller awa, an no for bread? the feck o' yer fash an a', for a fusionless screed? Ye suld hearken an' hear till mysel, syne guid ye mild pree ; an e'en as in walth o' talch, ycr heart it sold swee.
3 Rax roun' yer lug, an' come a' till mysel; hearken, an' syne yer heart it sal live: an' I'se tryst yo the tryst was trystit langsyne; the gnd-will o David, was ay sae stieve.


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