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Mark 1:9-13 (NT 2009)

⁹ During this period, Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee to be baptized by John in the Jordan. ¹⁰ As Jesus came out of the water, John saw the heavens above him open and the Holy Spirit of God come upon Him like a dove. ¹¹A voice from heaven spoke, saying: “You are my Son, whom I love; I am very pleased with You.“
¹²–¹³The first thing the Holy Spirit did was to send Jesus into the desert where He remained for forty days. During this time He was subjected to temptations from Satan. But angels protected Him from the danger of wild animals.

John 1:1-5 (NT 2009)

¹ Jesus is the Word. He existed in the beginning, before time began. This Word was with God and, indeed, the Word was God. ² He was the Word that God spoke in the beginning. ³ By this spoken Word, through Jesus, everything was created. Nothing could exist if it not were for Him. ⁴ In Jesus, in this Word, was the life that brought God‘s light into the people‘s lives. ⁵ This light came and shone into the spiritual darkness of the world; but the darkness did not want the Light, and so did not receive Him.

1 Corinthians 15:1-9 (NT 2009)

15 Now, brothers, there are certain aspects of the gospel about which I want to remind you. This is the truth I preached to you and on which you stand firm. ² It is by the gospel that you are saved, so long as you continue to hold on firmly to the Word I preached to you. To give up would be to have believed for nothing!
³ What I passed onto you as of primary importance I had first received: that Christ died for our sins to fulfil the scriptures. ⁴ He was buried and was raised back to life on the third day, again to fulfil what was promised in scripture. ⁵ He appeared to Peter and then to the twelve disciples. ⁶ Then He appeared to over five hundred of the brethren at the same time, most of whom are still living, although some have fallen asleep in the Lord. ⁷ He next appeared to James and then to all the apostles. ⁸ Last of all, He even appeared to me as well, despite my total unworthiness because of my former opposition.
⁹ You see, I consider myself to be the least of the apostles because I persecuted God‘s church.

Luke 16 (StudyEdition 2010)

8 The master congratulated the unrighteous manager for his astuteness, because the wordly people of this generation act more wisely than the sons of the light.

9 And I tell you clearly, make friends for yourselves by the way you use the things of this world so that when it ends, you will be welcomed into your eternal home.

10 For the one who proves faithful in small things will also prove faithful when given greater responsibilities, and whoever proves he cannot be trusted in small ways will not be trusted in more important matters.

11 So if you have not proved trustworthy in handling worldly things, why should you be entrusted wit true riches?

12 And if you do not handle other people‘s property with care, who will give you property of your own?

2 Peter 3 (StudyEdition)

10 For the Day of the Lord will steal up on people like a thief and then the heavens will vanish with a roar and the elements will be dissolved by fire. The earth and all its works will be exposed.

11–12 Because everythings will be destroyed in this way, what holy and godly lives you should live as you await God‘s Day and hasten its coming, when the heavens will be destroyed and the elements will melt in the fire

13 But according to His promise we await the new heaven and the new earth where only righteousness will exist.

14 Therefore, my dear friends, as you long for these things to be fulfilled, do all you can so that He will find you spotless and without blemish when He comes, for then you will be at peace.

15 And consider our Lord´s patience with us as the consequence of the salvation He has given us.

Psalm 23 (StudyEdition 2010)

I can never be in need, for the Lord Himself is my shepherd.

He causes me to rest in His abundant provision, and leads me to the place of peace with Him.

He restores my soul, and leads me in the ways He knows to be right, so that His name will be honoured in my life.

Even though I may have to walk through times of the deepest darkness, I will not need to be afraid of any evil befalling me. For the Lord is with me, my strength and my guide.

Lord, you prepare before me a table on which is all Your provision, despite the enemy´s opposition. You have anointed me with the oil of Your Spirit, and I overflow with the fulness of Your life.

Your goodness and love are sure to be with me for the rest of my life; and I will live with You in Your glory forever.

Isaiah 11:1f (StudyEdition 2010)

From the stump of Jesse, a new shoot will spring forth. From his roots will grow a Branch that will be exceedingly fruitful.
The Lord´s Spirit will rest on Him; the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit who brings understanding of God and His ways. He is the Holy Spirit, the Counsellor; the Spirit of power.
He is the Spirit who reveals the Lord, making Him known; the Spirit who enables people to live in the fear of the Lord.
And this Branch will delight to live in the fear of the Lord Himself, wanting to please Him.

Proverbs 4:4f (StudyEdition 2010)

“Take hold of My words; embrace them with your heart. Obey my commands and you will enjoy My life.
Do all you can to acquire wisdom and understanding. Never forget what I have said, nor depart from My words.
Never turn your back on wisdom, and she will watch over your life.
For wisdom is of such great importance that even if it cost everything you have, it would be worth having My wisdom and understanding."

“If you value wisdom, she will raise you to a place of honour. She will enable My grace to be poured freely upon you and will crown you with My glory."


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