Jamie Stuart - Sample Verses

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Genesis 12:1-5 - A Glasgow Bible - 1997

‘Weel, hear this,’ says God. ‘Ah want ye tae leave yer hoose an travel tae anither land. Ah’ll make sure ye ken whaur ye're gaun, so ye needny be feart. An mair, hear this! In this new land ye'll become the faither o a great nation.'

Abie wis dumfoonert for sure, but he didny argue. He an Sarah packed up aw their gear, an asked his nephew Lot, alang wi his faimily, tae jine them.

Travellin thegither wi their servants an their flocks o goats an sheep an coos, they sterted alang the road. Slowly they made their wey oot o Mesopotamia, aye watchin for springs o watter or wells, an sleepin at night in their big goatskin tents.

At last they came tae the country cawd Canaan — jist as God had telt them.

Mark 1:9-12 - A Scots Gospel - 1985

An in thae days it cam aboot that Jesus cam frae Nazareth i Galilee an wis bapteezit o John in the Jordan. An he, comin straucht frae the watter, saw the Hevins apen up an the Speerit, like a doo, comin doon apon him. A voice cam frae abune, sayin, ‘Ye are the Beluvit, ma son; in ye I delyte!’
An syne the Speerit led Jesus out intil the muirlauns.


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