Letters to Street Christians - Sample Verses

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1 Corinthians 15:1-8

And now, brothers and sisters, we'd like to rap to you about some of the good things that the Good News involves. Remember that it was what brought you into God's forever family—unless you've never really believed it at all, and if that's true you're still separated from Him. You learned how Jesus died for your selfish lives just like the Old Testament prophets said He would. And He came back to life again just like they said He would, too. Can you dig that? And it wasn't just an abstract concept either. Like He was seen by Peter and the rest of His close followers. After that more than five hundred of the brothers and sisters saw Him at one time. Several others saw Him later, and even after He had gone back to be with the Father He showed Himself to the apostle Paul in a vision.


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