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Mark 1:9-13

9. And i' thae days it cam aboot that Jesus cam frae Nazareth i' Galilee and was bapteez't o' John in Jordan.
10. And he, comin straucht frae the watir, saw the heevens unsteekit, and the Spirit like a doo comin doon upon him.
11. And a voice cam frae Aboon, "Thou art the Beloved, My Son; in Thee I delicht!"
12. And noo the Spirit leads him oot intil the muirlands.
13. And he was i' the muirlands forty days, tempit o' Sautan; and he was wi' the wild beasts; and the Angels waitit on him.

John 1:1-5


John Baptist testifies. Jesus gaithers a wheen disciples.

1. AT the first o' a' things was The Word, and The Word was wi' God, and The Word was God his sel.
2. The vera same was at the first wi' God.
3. A' things war o' his makin; and but for him was naething made that was made ava.
4. Life was in him: and the life was man's licht.
5. And the Licht glintit throwe the mirk! but the mirk failed to tak haud o't.

1 Corinthians 15:1-8


A' aboot the Risin-again : mair here nor in a' the lave o' the Word. It is ant o' Paul's special menages frae the Lord to us.

1. NOO, I mak kent t'ye, brethren, the Joyfu'-message whilk I mysel spak to ye, whilk eke ye received, and in whilk eke ye staun.
2. And throwe whilk ye are saved, gin ye hand siccar the word I tell't ye, in whilk I spak to ye the Joyfu'- message ; gin ye hae-na lippened in vain!
3. For I deliver't to ye, the first thing, hoo that Christ dee't for oor sins, as said i' the Scripturs;
4. And that he was bury't ; and that be has been raised—on the third day, as said the Scripturs;
5. And that he schawed his sel to Peter; eftir, to the Twal.
6. Eftir that he schawed his sel to mair nor fyve hunder brethren at ance; the feck o' them remainin till noo, but a wheen are faun asleep.
7. Eftir that he schawed his sel to James; and eftir, to a' the Apostles;
8. And last o' a', as to the untimely birth—e'en to me!


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