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Psalm 23

I. The Lord Provides All Good Things for Us

1My shepherd is the Lord, my God,
With him I shall not ever want;
2His verdant pastures give repose;
He leads me to the running streams,
Where I may rest, my soul refresh.

3He guides and leads me on right paths,
And as a loving shepherd should,
He guards and watches over me;

4If I should walk on darksome paths
And in sombre shades of death,
No threat of evil need I fear,
For you are at my side, O Lord,
Your rod and staff, they comfort me.

II. The Lord Provides for Us Abundantly

5A Banquet you prepare for me
Within the sight of all my foes,
Your table spread as for a guest;
You pour sweet ointments on my head,
The cup you give me overflows;
6Your loving kindness follows me
Through all my days of life on earth.

May I then dwell within your house
For years to come, for ever, Lord.


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