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Psalm 23

As the Psalms are translated from the LXX, Psalm 23 is Psalm 22 in this version.

22 [23]. The Good Shepherd

I have everything I want and need,
because you, Lord God, look after me,
and care for me like a good shepherd.

You have led me to fields of the greenest grass,
set me down by a quiet pool,
and nourished me with these restful waters
in which you restore the tranquility of my soul!

You gently guide me into the paths of right-living,
not because I've done anything to earn your favor,
but because you're a God of overwhelming mercy,
compassion, kindness, sympathy and attentiveness.

Yes, even if I should wander into a sunless valley,
into the midst of the deepest shadows of death,
I'll have no fears that any evil will befall me,
for you, my Lord God, are always with me.
Your protecting arms and guiding hands
enfold me, comfort me, safeguard me.

You honor me at a bountiful banquet table,
where my enemies can stare at me in envy,
while you treat me like a prince, lavishly
anointing my head with sweet-scented
oil, cheering my heart by filling my cup
to the generous brim with choicest wines.

Your perpetual goodness, unfailing love and comfort
shall enfold and enrich me all the days of my life.
And then I shall dwell in your house —
the house of my Lord God — forever.

Mark 1:9-13

As Jesus came up out of the water, John saw the clouds overhead split open, and the Holy Spirit of Wisdom, in the likeness of a dove, descend upon Him. [Jesus’ body began to glow and shine, as if filled with Light]. And everyone heard this Voice coming straight out of the sky, saying, “You are My Son, my only Son, Whom I love so dearly. With You, I am exceedingly well pleased!”

Immediately afterwards, the Holy Spirit prompted Jesus to leave that place and go further into the desert. There He remained in solitude for forty days and forty nights, living among the wild animals. The devil constantly tried to tempt Jesus, but without the slightest success. God’s angels helped Him and brought Him food.

John 1:1-5

"In the beginning was the Word, the Concept and Wisdom."
"And Wisdom was with God."
"Yet Wisdom was divine."
"She was present at the very beginning of Creation with God."
"Through Her, everything was created."
"Without Her, nothing at all would exist."
"Life came into existence through Her."
"And that Life became the Light of men."
"That Light shines bright in the darkness."
"And darkness can never overpower that Light."


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