Avraham Rand - Sample Verses

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Tehillim 1

1 Happy is the man who has not walked in the ways of the wicked,
does not act as sinners do and does not keep company with scornful people.
2 Rather, he takes joy in the law of the Lord and meditates upon His law day and night.
3 He will be like tree planted by streams of water that brings forth its fruit in season and whose leaf does not fade.
Whatever he does he will prosper.
4 Not so the wicked. They are like empty husks that the wind blows away.
5 Therefore the wicked and the sinners will not stand in judgement together with the righteous.
6 The Lord knows the way of the righteous – but the way of the sinner will perish.

Tehillim 110

1 A psalm by David. The Lord said to my Master: “Sit at my right side until I turn your enemies into your footstool.“
2 The Lord will send the rod of your strength from Zion. “You will rule over your enemies.“
3 You people mobilize willingly on the day of your battle.
In splendid holiness, from Your emerge from the womb, you possessed the dew of your youth.
4 The Lord has sworn and will not retract: “You are a priest forever, as Melchizedek said.“
5 The Lord at your right hand will crush kings on the day of His wrath.
6 He will judge the nations filled with corpses; He crushes heads over a mighty land.
7 He will drink from the stream on the road. Therefore, let Israel lift up its head.


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