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Psalm 23 (22)

1 The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I need.
2 Fresh and green are the pastures where he gives me rest;
near quiet waters he leads me —
3 there, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right path,
true to his name.
4 Even if I walk through the valley of darkness, I fear nothing:
you are there with your rod and staff, and with these you console me.

5 You spread a table for me in the sight of my foes:
with precious oil you bathe my head; my cup overflows.
6 Yes, your loving mercy, your kindness are with me all the days of my life.
In the house of the Lord shall I dwell for the rest of my days.

Psalm 50 (49)

1 The mighty one, God, the Lord, speaks: he summons the earth
from the rising of the sun to its setting.
2 From Sion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth;
3 our God is coming and he will not fail to act.
Before him goes a devouring fire;
a violent storm rages round about him.
4 He summons the heavens from on high,
and the earth below to the trial of his people.
5 Let those devoted to him gather together before him;
those who made him a sacrifice when they entered a covenant with him.
6 Let the heavens proclaim the justice of his claim,
for he is the God of justice.
7 Listen, my people, an dI will speak, O Israel,
and I will testify against you, for I am God, your God.

Luke 1:16* f

A blessing for the Lord, the God of Israel,
for he has turned to his people and set them free!

He has raised for us a saviour of victorious power in his servant David's house,
just as he promised long, long ago, through the lips of his holy prophets,
to save us from our foes, and from the hands of all who hate us!

So would he carry out his merciful designs toward our fathers,
calling to mind his solemn promise, the oath he swore to Abraham, our father:
to rescue us from hostile hands, to enable us to serve him, free of fear,
with a holy worship and an upright heart, in his presence our whole life long.

And you, little child, will be called the prophet of the most high.
For you will be the Lord's forerunner, preparing his way, and leading his people
to the knowledge of salvation through the remission of their sins.

*1:16 is a printer's error for 1:68 f

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