Binyamin S. Moore - Sample Verses

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Devarim 33

26 Yeshurun! There is none like GOD. [It is] He Who rides the Heavens who helps you, and in His majesty [He rides] the celestial spheres.
27 “[These are designated] as the abode of the Pre–existant GOD, and beneath [them] are the forces of the world. He drove out the enemy from before you, and said [to you], ´Destroy [them]!`
28 Yisrael dwelt securely, [each person] alone, in the way [that] Ya´akov [blessed them], in a land of grain and wine; also its heavens will drip dew.
29 Happy are you, Yisrael! Who is like you? A people saved by the ETERNAL, [Who is] the shield that aids you, and Who [acts as] the sword of your mighty ones. Your enemies will lie to you [out of fear], and you will tread upon their exalted ones.“

Yeshaya 57

14 AND [THE ETERNAL´S PROPHET] SAID, Forge a path! Forge a path! Clear a way! Remove [all] obstacles from My peoples´s way.
15 For so said the High and Elevated One – He Who dwells forever and His name is the Holy One; [He Who says,] “I dwell in the high and holy [place], yet [I am] with the broken hearted and humble–spirited, to revive the spirit of the humble and to resuscitate the hearts of the broken“: 16 I shall not content [with the sinner] forever, nor be angry [with him] for eternity, but [only until] the spirit [that was given] from before Me succumbs, and [also] the souls [that] I made. 17 For this monetary transgression I get angry [with him] and smite him, making [Myself] oblivious [to his misfortune] and [even] showing My anger [to him]; and [also for that] he waywardly followed the ways of his heart. 18 I have, [however,] observed his [repentant] ways, and will heal him and guide him [on this way]; and I will grant consolation to him and to those who grieve for him. 19 [I will] create a [new] form of speech [toward him, that all will say,] “Peace [unto you]! Peace [unto you]!“ To [both] the long–standing [servant of the ETERNAL] and to the newly–[repentant] one, the ETERNAL has said that He will heal him. 20 But the wicked are like the sea, [that is constantly] driven back for it is unable to be calm, and its waters are driven back, [continuously producing] mud and dirt. 21There is no peace for the wicked – [that is what] My GOD has said.

(Haftara of the Yom Kippur Shacharis Service)

Shir Hashirim 8

5 [GOD and His heavenly Court then says about Yisrael:] Who is this coming from the desert, uniting herself with her Beloved? [She says,] “I awakend You under the apple tree. There, Your mother had birth pangs for You; there, she who gave birth to You was in labor.
6 Place me [firmly] like a seal upon Your heart [and] like a seal upon Your arm. [See] that [my] love [for You] is so strong as [to accept] death [for You], [and] the zeal [of the nations against me] is as harsh as the grave. The burning coals of [my love] are [like] the fiery coals of the Godly flame [of Gehenna]. Great amounts of water not extinguish [my] love [for You], nor could rivers wash it away. If a man would give the entire wealth of his household [to remove this] love, [people] would greatly despise him.“


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