Andrew Moody - Sample Verses

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Mark 1:9-13

Now while this was goin' on, the very man that John was talkin' about showed up. His name was Jesus and he'd just rowed himself across from Nazareth to have 'imself dunked along with the rest.

But it turned out he weren't like the rest. Rum things began to happen when Jesus came up from them waves. Fer he looked up and beheld the Spirit o' the Almighty comin' down like a bird through a rip in the canvas of heaven. And as that bird was perchin' on 'is shoulder, there was a mighty voice from the heavens sayin', "Here ye be! Me own beloved son. Mighty pleased, I be with ye, lad."

So that was how it started with this Jesus fella. But there was plenty more to come.

Straight off, the Spirit sent 'im out into the desert, and so off he went. Marooned he was for forty days. There was no grub, and no drink and no sail on the horizon, just 'imself livin' out amid the dunes and beasts. And in the end the Devil 'imself showed up and plied 'im with honeyed lies to make 'im turn mutinous against the Almighty. Aye, but he stood firm, and the angels came and tended 'im.


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