Cameroon Pidgin Bible - Sample Verses

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Psalm 23

1 God na my papa. He go give me the thing way I want.
2 God go show me place way chop day, and I no go sleep hungry.
3 God go show me place way fine cold water day, I go drink and my body go strong. God go waka with me, and I no go miss road.
4 Even if bad luck and trouble came for me, I no go fear, because say God day with me. God He strong hand go catch me when I want fall.
5 God go make my enemy them shame. God go bless me and all people them go wander. For talk true, na only good luck and God He blessing go be with me for all my life. And me I go give God glory inside He house for all time.

John 1:1-5

Good News As John Been See'am

God He Turn Person

1Before God be want start for make this world, God He breeze been day. This God He breeze been day with God, and this breeze been be na God.
2 This God He breeze been day for the beginning with God.
3 Na this God He breeze been make all thing. If this breeze no been day, nothing way day today for ever be.
4 This breeze be get life; and this life been be na the lamp way the shine for inside all people.
5 This God He lamp be the shine for dark place; but the dark place no be fit for understand this lamp.


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