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Mark 1:9-13

9. And within the course of those days it occurred [that] Jesus came from Nazareth, of the Galilee [district], and was immersed into (baptized in) the Jordan by John.
10. Then immediately, while stepping back up straight from out of the water, He saw (perceived & became aware of) the atmosphere and sky (or: the heavens) being progressively split and torn apart, so as to be divided, and the Breath-effect (the Spirit; the Wind; the Attitude) – as a dove (or: pigeon) – progressively descending into Him! [with other MSS: progressively stepping down and continuously remaining upon Him.]
11. And a Voice was birthed (or: a sound occurred) from out of the midst of the heavens (or: [torn] atmospheres; or: = the sky and outer space; or = the realms of God's presence; or = the holy places of the realms of spirit): "You Yourself are (or: continue being; habitually exist being) My Son – the Beloved One! I seem at ease and appear well and prosperous in union with and within the midst of You (or: I delight in You; I think and imagine ease and wellness within You; I am well-pleased and approve in You)!"
12. Then immediately (straightway; directly; without delay) the Breath-effect (the Spirit; the Wind; the Attitude) progressively impels Him forth out into the midst of the wilderness (the uninhabited, desolate desert),
13. and He continued being within the midst of the wilderness forty days and was constantly being with the little (small) wild animals, being repeatedly (or: constantly) examined and put to the proof by [various] attempts in tests, ordeals and trials by (under [the influence of]) the adversary (satan). And yet agents (messengers) had kept on giving attending service and support to (or: in; or: provision for) Him.

John 1:1-5

1. Within a beginning (or: In union with Headship and Sovereignty) there was the Logos (the Word; the Thought; the collection of thoughts; the Idea; the Reason; the discourse; the communication; the verbal expression).
And the Logos (the idea; the thought; the expression; the Word) was facing, [directed, and moving] toward, (or: continued being face to face with) God.
And the Logos (the Word; the thought; the idea; the reason; the expression) continued being God.
(or: Originally, within the midst of the first principle, the Word was existing and continued to be, and the Word was being [projected] toward God. And this Word, It was existing actually being God;
or: In command was Reason, and Reason was staying with God, for Reason was just what God was;
or: The Thought was in the midst of [the] Source, the Thought was oriented toward Deity, and the Thought was [an extension of] Deity;
or: In beginning, the collected and put side by side Thoughts continued in progressive existence, and the collected and put side by side Thoughts continued being a progression to God, and God {“the Divine Mystery” – Paul Tillich's definition of theos} was in continued existence being those collected and put side by side Thoughts;
or: In union with [the] beginning there was the continued existence of the Idea, and the Idea was continued existence face to face with God, and the Idea continued in existence being “the Divine Mystery;”
or: In beginning, the Word continued Being. Then the Word was Being directed toward God. And yet the Word was Being God;
or: Within the power of beginning – which is the controlling principle and power of the entire
process – there existed the Idea, and the Idea was aimed at and moving toward God. Also,
the Idea existed being God).
2. This (or: This One) was continuing in existence, within a power of beginning and in union with Headship and Sovereign principle, facing [directed, and moving] toward (or: staying with) God.
3. All things (or: All humanity; [The] whole) come to be (or: was at some time birthed; occur; or: came to be; were birthed; or: suddenly happened) through and by means of It (i.e., the Word; or: Him), and apart from It (or: Him) not even one thing comes into being (occurs; was birthed; came into being; happens) which has come into being (which has occurred; which has happened).
4. Within It (or: Him), life was continuing and progressively existing
(or: In It was life [as a source]; [Aleph, D and others witnesses read present tense: In union with it there continues being life; Life progressively exists within the midst of It]). And the life was continuing being, and began progressively existing as, the Light of mankind (or: Furthermore, the Light progressively came to be the life known as "humanity," and was for human beings; or: Then the life was existing being the light from the humans).
5. And the Light is constantly shining in the dim and shadowed places, and keeps on progressively giving light within the gloomy darkness where there is no light (or: within the midst the obscurity of The Darkness where there is no light of The Day; or: = in the ignorant condition or system).
And yet the darkness does not grasp or receive it on the same level
(or: Furthermore, the Darkness did not take it down, so as to overcome it or put it out; or: = the ignorant condition or system would have none of it, nor receive it down into itself [in order to perceive it]; But that darkness does not correspondingly accept It nor commensurately take It in hand so as to follow the pattern or be in line with Its bidding).

1 Corinthians 15:1-8

1. Now I am progressively making known to you, brothers (= fellow members of the believing community; = family members), the good news (the message of goodness, ease and well-bring) – which I myself announced as glad tidings for you (or: the message of goodness to you; the directive of ease and well-being among you) – which you also accepted and embraced, as well as within which you have taken a stand, and in union with which you now stand,
2. [and] through means of which you folks are also progressively, and one after another, being rescued, delivered, and made whole (saved, preserved and restored to your original state and condition) – since you people are continuously keeping [it] in possession and retaining [it] – [even] by which, and in which, Word (or: expressed message) I, myself, announced these glad tidings to you people: the message of goodness for you! [Now this is] outside of this exception: [that] you placed your trust randomly (or: Unless, in fact, you folks did believe to no purpose and express conviction feignedly)!

3. For I handed on (or: give over as tradition) to you, among [the] first (or: primary) things, that which I also accepted and embraced: that Christ died over [the situation and circumstances of] our failures (on behalf of our mistakes and sins) – corresponding to the Scriptures –
4. and that He was buried, and that He has been awakened and raised in (or: on) the third day, and He remains thus – corresponding to the Scriptures –
5. and that He was seen by Cephas – next (or: later) by the Twelve.
6. After that He was seen by over five hundred brothers (= fellow believers) at one time – of whom the majority continue remaining until right now (the present), yet some fell asleep (= died; passed away).
7. After that He was seen by Jacob (= James), next by all the sent-forth folks (or: the representatives; the emissaries sent off with a mission).
8. Yet last of all [these] folks, He was seen by me, also – as if it were by one born prematurely
(or: in a miscarriage; = born too soon, and thus weak and not fully developed, or, born dead, or, aborted; or: by one forth from out of a wound).


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