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Psalm XLII:1-6 (Jewish Family Bible ✡ תנ’’ך ירושלם)

1 TO the chief musician, Maschil, for the sons of Korah.
2 As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.
3 My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and appear before God?
4 My tears have been my meat day and night, while they continually say unto me, Where is thy God?
5 When I remember theses things, I pour out my soul in me: how I shall go with the multitude,
and walk with them to the house of God, with the voice of my joy and praise, with a multitude that keep holyday.
6 Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted in me? hope thou in God:
for I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance.

Isaiah IX:1-7 (Jewish Family Bible ✡ תנ’’ך ירושלם)

1 THE people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwelt in the land of the shadow of death,
uopn them hath the light shined.
2 Thou hast multilied the nation, and increased their joy : the joy before thee according to the joy in harvest,
and as men rejoice when they divide the spoil.
3 For thou hast broken the yoke of burden, and the staff of his shoulder, the rod of his oppressor, as in the day of Midian.
4 For every shoe of the stormy warrior and every garment rolled in blood shall be burnt asfuel of fire.
5 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government is upon his shoulder :
and his name is called Pele-joez-el-gibbor-abi-ad-sar-shalom (The mighty God, the everlasting Father, the prince of peace deviseth wonders),
6 For the increase of the government and for peace without end, upon the throne of David,
and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgement and with justice:
from henceforth even for ever will the zeal of the LORD of hosts perform this.
7 The Lord sent a word into Jacob, and it hath lighted upon Israel.

_Job XIX:21- 27_ (Book of Job, 1967)

21 Have pity upon me, have pity upon me, O ye my friends; for the hand of God hath touched me.
22 Why do ye persecute me as God, and are not satisfied with my flesh?
23 Oh that my words were now written! oh that they were printed in a book!
24 That they were graven with an iron pen and lead in the rock for ever!
25 For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he who outliveth all things, will rise when I shall be dust.
26 And after my skin when worms have destroyed this body, and when my flesh is gone, shall I see God:
27 Whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and not another; my reins are consumed within me with longing for him.

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