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Psalm 23

The Good Shepherd

THE Lord is my shepherd : no want have I.
2 He layeth me down in pastures green,
To waters of rest He gently leads me,
3 Refreshing my soul.
He guideth me ever in paths that are straight
For His own name's sake.

4 And when my way lies through a valley of gloom,
I fear no evil, for Thou art with me.
Thy rod and Thy staff—in them is my comfort.

5 Thou settest a table before me
In face of my foes ;
With oil Thou anointest my head,
And my cup runneth over.
6 Surely goodness and love shall pursue me
All the days of my life.
In the house of the Lord I shall dwell
Through the length of the days.

Isaiah 55:1-3

Invitation to Embrace the Impending Salvation

The Blessings in Store for Israel

1 Ho ! all that are thirsty, come ye to the waters,
And ye that have no money, come ;
Buy ye and eat without money,
Buy wine and milk without price.
2 Why spend ye silver for that which is not bread,
And your money for that which can satisfy no one?
If ye hearken to Me, ye shall eat what is good,
And your soul shall be ravished with dainties.

3 Incline your ear and come unto Me,
Hear, that your soul may revive ;
For with you I will enter a bond everlasting
Of kindness, once promised to David and sure.


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