William Laughton Lorimer - Sample Verses

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Mark 1:9-13

About that time, Jesus cam frae Nazareth in Galilee an wis baptized bi John i the Jordan. Juist as he wis comin up outen the watter, he saw the lift rive abreid an the Spirit comin doun on him like a dou, an a voice cam out o the lift: "Thou is my beluvit Son, wi thee I am weill-pleised."

Strecht on the back o that the Spirit drave him awà tae the muirs, an there he bade the feck o sax ouks, tempit aa the time bi Sautan; an tho he hed nane but the wild beass tae neipour him, the angels fetteclt him.

John 1:1-5

1 IN THE BEGINNIN o aa things the Wurd wis there erse, an the Wurd bade wi God, an the Wurd wis God. He wis wi God i the beginnin, an aa things cam tae be throu him, an wiout him no ae thing cam tae be. Aathing at hes come tae be, he wis the life in it, an that life wis the licht o man; an ey the licht shines i the mirk, an the mirk downa slocken it nane.


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