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Exodus 33

4 When the people heard these harsh words, they went into mourning and no one wore his finery.

5 Then HE spoke to Moses: “Speak to the b´nei yis–ra–el: You are a stiff–necked people; if I moved into your midst for a moment, I would destroy you. So take off your finery and I will consider what I shall do to you.“

6 So the b´nei yis–ra–el removed their finery from Mount Horeb onwards.

7 Moses, however, took the tent and pitched it for himself outside the encampment, distant from the encampment, and called it the Tent of Meeting which was outside the encampment.

8 And whenever Moses went out to the tent, all the people stood up, and each person stood at the entrance of his tent and gazed after Moses until he had entered into the tent.

9 And when Moses had entered the tent, then the pillar of cloud descended and stood in the entrance of the tent while He spoke with Moses.

10 And the entire people saw the pillar of cloud at the entrance o the tent; then all the people arose, and every one prostrated himself at the entrance of his tent.

11 HE, however, spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his neighbor. Then he returned to the emcampment, but his servant, Joshua the son of Nun, did not stir from the tent.


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