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Psalm 50

1 A psalm by Assaph. Almighty God, Hashem spoke and called the earth, from the rising of the sun to its setting.

2 God appeared out of Zion, the finery of beauty.

3 Our God shall come, and not be silent; devouring fire goes before Him, and furious storms rage round Him.

4 He will call to the heavens above and to the earth below, to avenge His people.

5 ”Gather unto Me My pious servants, who sealed a covenant with Me through sacrifice.“

6 The heavens will tell His righteousness, For God is the Judge. Selah.

7 “Hear, My people, and I will speak; Israel, I will bear witness against You. God, your God am I.

8 I will not rebuke you because of your sacrifices; nor are your burnt offerings always before me.

9 I will not take a bullock from your house, nor any goats from your pen.

10 For mine are all the beasts of the forest, the cattle of a thousand mountains.“


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