Bil & Cher Holton - New Metaphysical Version - Sample Verses

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Mark 1:9-13

The Baptizing Power of the Word

9. As we mature in our ability to discern Truth from error, our Christ potential (our Jesus quality) permeates our subconsciousness (Galilee) and energizes the receptive intellect (our John the Baptizer quality), melding it with Spirit. 10. Once we affirm our oneness with the Christ of us (come out of the water), we can rise confidently and expectantly above old error patterns and find the peace which passes all misunderstanding. 11. At this stage of our spiritual unfoldment there comes upon us a heightened sense of our true identity and our eternal connection with Spirit.

The Temptation to Deny Our Christ Potential

12. Our conscious desire to attain higher spiritual consciousness is generally accompanied by thoughts from the wilderness of our sense consciousness 13. which seeks to distract us and tempt us to deny (our Satanic bent) our Christ potential .

John 1:1-5

The Word Becomes Flesh

1. Before there was a physical universe [In the beginninga] there was the Cosmic Christb [the Word], which is the ideational power [was with] of the One Reality [God, (Eternal Isness, the Absolute, the Infinite Invisibleness)]; and the Cosmic Christ [the Word] is God expressing Its Godness as the Cosmic Christ [the Word]. 2. The Cosmic Christ was indivisibly one with the One Reality (Eternal Isness, [God]) before matter itself came into existence.
3. Through the quantum filter of the Cosmic Christ, physicality [all things] is possible. It is only through the instrumentality of the Christ Presence that potential morphs into form. This is possible because consciousness is the ground of all being. 4. As a result of the Christ Presence there is eternality [life], and that eternality [life] is the existence [light] of the Christ in all things including humankind [man].5. This omnipresent Christ Presence [the light] underwrites [shines] all beingness, including human beingness which is generally unaware [darknessc] of its innate divinity.

a From a monistic metaphysical perspective it is more aptly interpreted ‘In a beginning’ or ‘In another beginning.’ Quantum physics also suggests this cosmological viewpoint.
b The Cosmic Christ and Christ are synonymous and will be considered as such throughout this manuscript.
c Darkness represents our unawareness of, or the abject denial of, our innate divinity as spiritual beings in human form.

1 Corinthians 15:3b-8

The Meta New Testament states that this reading ends with verse eight; however it seems the translation itself ends with verse six.

3b Our Divine Nature (Christ) remains latent (dead) every time we choose error (sin) over Truth in our daily activities (scriptures).
4 However, no matter how much we neglect (bury) our Christ Nature, It is poised within us to elevate our core spiritual energies (scriptures).That is the nature of Divine Order (three days).*
5 Our ability to divinely order our good depends, for the most part, on the strength of our faith (our Cephas quality) and its relationship to the other quickened spiritual abilities (the eleven**).
6 Once these key spiritual qualities are attuned, our five senses (500 brethren****) become spirit-filled filters that mediate our ‘skin school’ experiences. As we get more in touch with our divine nature the quality of more and more (many live) of our five senses is elevated so that most of them are raised to their higher spiritual essences. However, some may still be unquickened (dead). Our unfoldment is a work in progress.

* Divine Order, esoterically, is defined as Mind, Idea, Expression.
** Eleven, as used here, also suggests that once the cross, with its vertical and horizontal elements, has served its purpose, the new configuration is two perpendicular columns which indicate unfettered enlightenment.
*** 500 brethren are interpreted esoterically as our five senses with 500 being reduced to 5. The zeros represent the intensity and magnitude of the quickened senses.


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