Simplified Cowboy Version - Hershey & Weatherby - Sample Verses

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Proverbs 6:16-19

16 There are six things that will put a burr under God's saddle blanket—no, seven things that really tick him off: 17 Evil eyes, a forked tongue, a murderer's hand, 18 a rattlesnake's heart, boots that are quick to go down the wrong trail, 19 a liar, and a no-account herd splitter.

Matthew 5:1-11 - The Beatitudes

The Message on the Mesa
1 When Jesus saw the great big herd of mavericks, he rode up on a mesa and hunkered down there. His cowboys grabbed a knee right below him, 2 and he began to tell them:
3 "God takes mighty good care of those folks that don't have anything to depend on except him.
4 "God takes mighty good care of those folks who are hurtin' and sad because he's the only one that can offer 'em comfort.
5 "God takes mighty good care of those that don't think very highly of themselves and he's gonna give 'em everything one day.
6 "God takes mighty good care of those that would rather do what he says than eat or drink, for one day they will never be hungry or thirsty again.
7 "God takes mighty good care of those that don't have an ounce of cruelty in 'em, for one day they will be spared.
8 "God takes mighty good care of those whose hearts are as pure as spring water, 'cause they will sure enough see God one day.
9 "God takes mighty good care of those who don't make trouble for anyone, for he's gonna claim them as his own sons.
10 God takes mighty good care of those who are put-down because of their belief in him and the way they live, for their reward is his green, eternal pasture.

11 "God's gonna take real special care of those of you who are insulted, spit upon, and talked wrongly about because of me. 12 Just smile and go on because your reward will be more than worth it in heaven. They did the same things to the cowboys that worked for God so many years ago.

Romans 8:37-39

37 No way, 'cause in all this stuff we're top hands thru Jesus Christ. 38 'Cause I know deep down in my gut that nothin', not death or life, or angels or demons, or the present or the future, or any powers, 39 or height or depth, or anything else in the universe, nothin' can come between us and the love of our Father God that's found in his Son, Jesus Christ.


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