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Genesis 12:1-5

Da Start

God Tell Abram, “Come Be My Guy!”
(Jesus Guys 7:3; 3:25; Galatia 3:8)

1Befo time, Yahweh wen tell Abram, “Eh! Go way from yoa own country an yoa own ohana. Go way from yoa fadda house. I goin show you one nodda country. Dass why I like you fo move house.

2Da peopo dat goin come from you,
Bumbye I goin make dem come one big, importan ohana.
I goin make good tings come to you.
I goin make you one big name guy,
An you goin make good tings come fo odda peopo.
3Da peopo dat tell, ‘Eh Abram, I like God fo do good tings fo you!’
Bumbye I goin do good tings fo dem.
Da peopo dat tell, ‘Eh Abram, I like God fo do bad tings to you!’
Bumbye I goin make bad tings come fo dem.
All da ohanas all ova da world,
Bumbye wen dey tink bout you, dey goin say,
‘Eh! We like God do good tings fo us guys,
Jalike he doing fo Abram!’-”

4So, dass how come Abram go way from Haran, jalike his God Yahweh wen tell um fo do. Dat time, Abram was 75 year old. Lot, da nephew, he go too.
5Abram wen take his wife Sarai, an his nephew Lot, an all da big stack stuffs dey wen get Haran side, an all da peopo dat wen work fo dem dea too. Dey start fo go Canaan side, an bumbye, dey get dea.

Isaiah 55:1-3

God Tell Da Peopo Dat Need Help Fo Come
(Jesus Guys 13:34)

1Yahweh tell: “Hui! All you peopo dat need help, come!
I tell da peopo dat stay thirsty,
Come by me an I give you watta!
No matta you guys no can pay,
Come get wheat so you can eat!
Come, get wine an milk!
No matta you no can pay,
No goin cost you notting!
2How come you guys stay pay wit silva
Fo stuff dat you no can eat?
How come you guys stay work
Fo stuff dat no goin fill you up?
You guys gotta lissen to me!
Eat good kine stuff.
Den you goin stay real good inside
Cuz you stay eat all da good kine food!
3Come by me, an lissen real good!
Lissen, so dat you goin come alive inside.
I goin make one deal wit you guys
Dat goin stay foeva:
Wat I wen promise King David dat I goin do,
Dat I goin stay tight wit him foeva,
I goin do dat fo shua,
Cuz I do wat I promise fo do!

Mark 1:9-13

John Baptize Jesus
(Matthew 3:13-17; Luke 3:21-22)

9Dat time, Jesus come from Nazaret town, Galilee side, an John wen baptize him inside da Jordan River. 10Right den Jesus wen come up outa da water. An you know wat? Jesus wen see da sky broke open, an wen spock God's Spirit coming down on top him, jalike one dove. 11An wow! Had one voice from da sky wen say, “You my boy! I really get love an aloha fo you, an I stay good inside cuz a you!”

Da Devil Try Make Jesus Do Bad Kine Stuff
(Matthew 4:1-11; Luke 4:1-13)

12Right afta dat, God's Spirit wen make Jesus go inside da boonies. 13Had wild animals ova dea. Jesus, he wen stay dea forty days. Da Devil try presha him fo make him do bad kine stuff, but he neva. An had angel messenja guys from God dat wen come an take care him.

John 1:1-5

Wat God Say Make Us Come Alive Inside
(John 3:6, 16, 19, 4:44, 5:25, 8:41-42, 12:35, 41-46, 17:5; Songs 33:6)

1Da time everyting had start, had one Guy. “God's Talk,” dass who him. Dat Guy an God, dey stay togedda, an da Guy stay God fo real kine. 2Dass da Guy, da time everyting had start, him an God stay togedda. 3God wen make everyting, but da way he do um, he tell dis Guy fo do um. No mo notting dis Guy neva make. 4He da Guy, if you like come alive fo real kine, you come by him, cuz dat kine life come from him. Wen peopo come alive lidat, jalike dey stay inside one place dat get plenny light. Den dey can see an undastan. 5No matta stay dark, da dark no can pio da light. Everytime get light.

1 Corinthians 15:1-8

Christ Wen Come Back Alive Afta He Wen Mahke

1Eh, bruddas an sistas! I like you guys fo rememba da Good Kine Stuff From God dat I wen tell you first time. You guys wen learn um good, an you standing strong cuz you stick wit um. 2If you guys hang in dea wit da Good Kine Stuff From God dat I wen tell you guys awready, dass how you guys goin get outa da bad kine stuff you stay in. Ony if you guys no hang in dea, den was wase time, an you guys trus God fo notting.

3From all da stuffs I wen learn first, an den I wen tell you guys, dis da main ting: Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, he wen mahke cuz us guys was doing bad kine stuff, jalike da Bible wen say befo time. 4Dey wen bury him. Den, day numba three, Christ wen come back alive, jalike da Bible wen say befo time. 5Den Christ wen let Peter see him, an den his Twelve Guys wen see him. 6Afta dat, mo den five hundred bruddas an sistas was togedda, an he wen let all dem see him. Mos a dem stay alive still yet, ony some a dem wen mahke awready. 7Den Christ wen let James see him, an afta, all da guys he wen send all ova da place, dey wen see him too.

8Me, I was da last guy fo see Christ. Jalike I da baby dat wen born late.


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