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Psalm 18 (LXX)

Οι ουρανοι διηγουνται / Cœli enarrant
1 For the end. A psalm by David.
The Heavens recount the glory of God,
and the firmament announces the work of His hands.
Day to day brings forth speech,
and night to night announces knowledge.
There are no conversations, nor words,
in which their voices are not heard.
5 Their sound has gone out unto all the earth,
and their utterances unto the ends of the world.
In the sun has He placed His tent;
and it is He, going forth as a bridegroom from his bridal chamber.
He will exult, as a giant, to run his way.
From the zenith of Heaven is His going–forth,
and His goal is as far as the zenith of Heaven:
there is nothing that shall be hidden from His heat.
The law of the LORD is blameless, turning souls about;
the witness of the LORD is faithful, making infants wise.
The statutes of the LORD are upright, gladdening the heart;
the commandement of the LORD is far–shining, illuminating the eyes.


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