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Psalm 19

The heavens declare
The glory of God,
The firmament proclaims
The work of his hand.
Day bubbles forth to day the story,
Night passes on the knowledge to night.
There are no words,
No sound is heard,
Yet their voice runs
Through the world,
Their message to the ends of the earth.
For the sun he dressed
A tent on high,
He as a bridegroom comes forth
From his nuptial chamber
In exultant delight,
As a hero to go his way.
From the end of the heavens
Is his coming forth,
And his setting at the uttermost shore.
Nothing is hid from his light.
The law of Jahwe is perfect,
Life restoring;
The counsels of Jahwe are true,
They make wise the unlearned;
The precepts of Jahwe are right,
The joy of the heart.


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