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Genesis 12:1-5

Greenfield's translation is a literal interlinear version.

1Now-had-said Jehovah unto-Abram, Get..[to-] thee out-of-thy-country, and-from-thy-kindred, and-from-the-house-of thy-father, unto..the-land that I-will-shew-thee: 2and-I-will-make-of-thee-[for-]a-nation great, and-I-will-bless-thee, and-make-great thy-name; and -thou-shale-be a-blessing: 3and-I-will-bless them-that-bless-thee, and-him-that-curseth-thee curse; and-shall-be-blessed in-thee all the-families-of the-earth. 4So-departed Abram, as-[that] had-spoken unto-him Jehovah; and-went with-him Lot: and-Abram was [//the//-son-of] five years and-seventy //old// [years] when-he-departed out-of-Haran. ^^And-took Abram - Sarai his-wife and - Lot the-son-of..his-brother, and - all..their-substance that they-had-acquired, and - the-souls that..they-had-gotten in Haran: and-they-went-forth to-go into-the-land of Canaan; and-they-came into-the-land-of Canaan.


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