John E. Goldingay - Sample Verses

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Psalm 23 (Part I)

A composition. David's
1 My shepherd being Yahweh, I do not lack;
2 he enables me to lie down in grassy pastures.
He leads me to waters that are totally still;
3 he restores my life.
He guides me in faithful tracks
for the sake of his name.
4 Even when I walk in a deathly dark canyon,
I am not afraid of desaster,
because you are with me;
your club and your cane - they comfort me.
5 You spread a table in front of me
in full view of the people watching for me.
You have bathed my head in oil;
my cup fills me up.
6 Yes, goodness and commitment pursue me
all the days of my life.
I will return to Yahweh's house
for long days.

Psalm 50:1-7 (Part I)

A composition. Asaph's
1 God, Yahweh God, has spoken,
and called the earth
from the rising of the sun to its going down.
2 From Zion, the fulness of beauty,
God has shone out;
3 our God comes and cannot be silent.
Fire devours in front of him,
and around him it has stormed greatly.
4 He calls to the heavens above,
and to the earth for a decision about his people.
5 "Gather to me the people commited to me,
the people who sealed a covenant with me over a sacrifice."
6 The heavens have told of his faithfulness,
because he is a God who exercises authority.
7 "Listen, my people, and I will speak;
Israel, and I will testify against you —
I am God, your God."

Psalm 90:1-6 (Part II)

A plea. Moses', God's man.
1 My Lord, you were a shelter for us,
generation after generation.
2 Before mountains were birthed
and you laboured with the earth and the world,
from age to age,
you were God
3 You would turn mortals to crushing;
you said: "Turn, people!"
4 Because a thousand years in your eyes were like a day,
yesterday when it passes, or a watch in the night.
5 You swept them away in a sleep,
though in the morning they would be like grass that grows fresh.
6 In the morning it can flourish and grow fresh;
by evening it dries up and withers.


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