Good News of Mark's Gospel in Doric - Sample Verses

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Mark 1:1, 9-13

The beginning o Jesus preachin
Chapter 1 Verses 1, 9 — 13

Iss is the gweed news aboot Jesus Christ the son o God.
Jesus cam fae the province o Galilee an wis baptized bi John in the Jordan. As seen as
Jesus cam up oot o the water, he saw heaven openin an the Sperit comin doon on him like
a doo. An a wird cam fae heaven, "Yer ma ain dear Son. I am pleased wi ye."
At ance the Sperit gart him gae inta the desert far he bade forty days, bein tempit be the
deil. Wild beasts were ere as weel, bit angels com an helpit him.


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