F. W. Crofts - Sample Verses

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Jesus‘ Baptism (harmonized)

II:36 While John was carrying on his mission, Jesus,
who was now also in the early thirties, left Nazareth in Galilee
and came to Bethabara in Transjordan, where John was baptizing.
II:37 When John saw him he cried out: “This is the man I was speaking about
when I said that though he came after me, he ranked before me,
for he existed in the ages before me.
(II:38 ….. II:48)
II:49 .John therefore agreed and performed the baptism.
As Jesus, praying fervently, came out of the water, he had a vision.
II:50 He saw the heavens opened and the Holy Spirit coming down
in the form of a dove and lighting upon him.
II:51 At the same time he heard a voice from heaven saying:
“You are my Son, my Beloved and Chosen. In you is my delight.“

II:52 After the baptism Jesus remained full of the Holy Spirit.
The Spirit indeed led him from the Jordan and up into the desert
to undergo temptation by the Devil.
II:53 There, alone with the wild beasts, he fasted forty days and nights.

The »Logos Prologue«

I:88 “The Energising Mind was in existence from the very beginning;
the Energising Mind was in communion with God;
the Energising Mind was divine. He was with God from all eternity.
I:89 Everything was brought into existence through him,
and apart from him no single entity came into being.
I:90 He was the spring of life and his light was the Light for mankind.
I:91 This Light shines in moral and spiritual darkness,
and the darkness has never quenched it.“


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