Joseph Bryant Rotherham

Clich here for sample verses from the version by Joseph Bryant Rotherham.

New Testament


Title:The New Testament: Newly Translated, from the Greek text of Tregelles; and Critically Emphasised, according to the logical idiom of the original; with an introduction and occasional notes by Joseph B. Rotherham,
Date: 1872, (a Second Edition, Revised was published in 1878)
Publisher: Samuel Bagster and Sons: London
References: Chamberlin 558-2, 32-1; Herbert 1993; Taliaferro-BVE CN00013, Taliaferro-EELBV 7670.100, 7670.102.
Images: Title page of Second Edition
Comments: Herberts lists a Second Edition in 1878, a third edition in 1897, a fourth edition (part of the complete Bible) in 1902/03, and a fifth edition in 1923.
Facsimiles: A pdf facsimile of the second edition (1878) is available at
A pdf facsimile of an 1897 edition is available at

Complete Bible


Title: The Emphasized Bible. A new translation, designed to set forth the exact meaning, the proper terminology and the graphic style of the sacred originals; arranged to show at a glance narrative, speech, parallelism, and logical analysis, also to enable the student readily to distinguish the several Divine Names; and emphasised throughout after the idiom of the Hebrew and Greek tongues. With expository introduction, select references, and appendices of notes By Joseph Bryant Rotherham
Date: 1902 (Kregel Publisher reprint 1959)
Publisher: Bradbury, Agnew, and Co,: London and Tonbridge
References: Chamberlin 32-1; Hills see 2227; Herbert 2114; Taliaferro-BVE CN00013, 7670.110.
Images: Kregel reprint jacket, Kregel reprint title page.
Comments: The Kregel edition appears to be a facsimile edition.
Facsimile: A four-volume pdf facsimile of the 1916 American reprint of the 1897 edition is available at Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4.


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