Joseph Rhymer

Joseph Rhymer

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The Psalms


Title: The Psalms • Translation by Joseph Rhymer / Introductions by Angelo Lancellotti / Translated by Alan Neame
Date: ⓒ 1994
Publisher: Slough, Berksh. England (U.K.): St Pauls
Contents: 5 Books of Psalms (1 to 150). – Contents. Introduction, Bibliography. Publishers´ Note
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Location: Collection Bibelarchiv–Birnbaum ( Karlsruhe, Baden. Germany
Comments: “The Introductions by Angelo Lancellotti, translated from the Italian by Alan Neame, are taken from I Salmi, Nuovissima Versione della Bibbia ⓒ 1987 Edizioni Paoline, Cinisello Balsamo, Italy“

Hardback in small-8° with DJ; 435 & (12 empty) pp for Notes. Scripture texts in single column, Pss- headings translated, verses numbered. Each chapter is introduced. The Publishers´ Note reveals the Psalms are translated from Ancient Hebrew.
The Introduction comprises 83 pp and is, besides the Psalter itself, the core of this book. It is divided into three paragraphs with 16 subdivisions:
I. The Book. • II. The Environment in which the Psalms Originated and their Literary Genres. • III. Religious Beliefs Revealed in the Psalms.
One more section introduces the five Psalms–Books, titled, “The Yahwistic´ Collection“.


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