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Help Identifying a Bible edition


Someone associated with this site needs help identifying a Bible. He has the Apocrypha of the Authorized Version (KJV) as a separately bound volume. It does not have a title page, nor are the pages numbered. Only indication that it is a separate book are the pagination which run from A (1) to N (19 verso). A sample page and the printer's information suggest this could be Herbert 1774.

Any information, including a copy of the title page would be appreciated. Send any information to moc.oohay|ikiw_elbib#moc.oohay|ikiw_elbib.

English Hexapla

The English Hexapla was published in 1841 by S. Bagster and Sons (Herbert 1840). The first edition contained a long introduction, "An Historical Account of the English Translations", (160 pages) which was written by S.P. Tregelles. This edition was printed by Wertheimer and Co. Other editions omit the 'Historical Account' and have either a long (112 pages) or short (60 pages) section entitled "A History of English Translations and Translators" "perhaps" by John Stoughton. We are trying to answer the following questions:

  1. When were these various editions published? (Is there a reliable way to date the various editions?)
  2. Which printers were involved with the various editions?
  3. What Title Page variations exist?
  4. What other differences exist between the various editions?

Any and all help is appreciated.

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