Reprints of the 1945 Rheims Pocket New Testament

Title The / New Testament / of / Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ / Translated from the Latin Vulgate / Diligently Compared with the Original Greek / and First Published by the English College / at Rheims, A.D. 1582 / With Annotations and References / by Dr. Challoner and Dr. H. J. Ganss / An Historical and Chronological Index / Index of Proper Names and Places / Preface by / Rev. J. M. Lelen, Ph.D. / Catholic Book Publishing Co./ New York
Date Copyright dates vary from 1945 - 1956.
Publisher Catholic Book Publishing Company, New York
Contents The New Testament according to the Rheims Version as revised by Challoner.
References None
Images Title page
Comments NT ends on page 645; tables end on page 670. This edition adds the publisher's name to the title page. Some copies add a 352 page edition of The Following of Christ.


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