Avraham Rand

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Title: Tehillim ✡ תהלים • King David´s Psalms / From Biblical Hebrew to Modern English / by Avraham Rand.
Editor: Yaacov Peterseil
Date: Ⓒ 2013 Dina Rand / First edition
Publisher: Jerusalem (Israel): Devora Publishing Company
Distributor: Jerusalem (Israel): Urim Publications
Contents: Tehillim 1 to 150. – Dedications; Foreword; Introduction; Appendix: Glossary; About the Translator.
Language: Hebrew (Masorah) and English.
Images: Title page, Cover
Location: Collection Bibelarchiv–Birnbaum. Karlsruhe/ Baden. Germany
Comment: Softcover octavo, adhesive binding, 302 & (2) pp. Scripture text: Masoretic Hebrew on right, translation on left of double page. Psalms verse– wise with numbering; Headings translated.

In the Foreword, Blossom Rand Rabinowitz writes about her late father Abe z"l, who passed away 23 Av 5769 (08/13/2009): »This book, this Tehillim was his life‘s work. It was tremendously important to him to see the sefer [book] completed and published. (…) He understood that the more Tehillim you say the more bracha [blessing] and success you bring to your life and the life of the Jewish people. (…) While there are other books which offer a translation of Tehillim, many of them are written in very biblical words, which are hard for people to understand. My father hoped to write a translation of Tehillim which was written in words that anyone and everyone could understand and appreciate. My father wanted to write a translation in which the beauty and poetry of this masterpiece of David Hamelech [the King] would be appreciated by all.«

The two– page Introduction tells about the impact of Tehillim in the life of Jewish people – a masterpiece about the experience of human life and about the relationship between God and human beings, which speaks to man personally, relating the history of the Jewish people.

The first appendix, the informative Glossary, contains 5 pages; in the second appendix, “About the Translator“, the vita of Dr. Abe Rand OBM is told: Abraham ben Moshe Rand grew up and went to school in Passaic N.J. (U.S.A.). Later he, his wife Dina “Daryl“ Simon and 6 children made their home in Monsey, New York. The family made Aliyah to Israel in 1979. His life evolved around Torah and Judaism. He made his earning as a Dentist (DDS).


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