One challenge when creating a catalog of Bible versions and editions is to decide "What is a Biblical writing and what is not?" Obviously, Jews do not accept the New Testament as Scripture, but there are disagreements even within the Christian Community. The Roman Catholic Church accepts some books (the deuterocanonical books) as canonical that are rejected by most Protestant denominations (if these books are included at all, they are included in a special section called the Apocrypha). The challenge is where to include books that are biblical in nature but are rejected by most (if not all communities).

In an attempt to be as complete as possible this section of the website tries to collect those extra-biblical materials that are not accepted as canonical by most groups. In Chamberlin's catalogue (see the Catalogues page), he goes so far as the include Apocryphal New Testament books, Dead Sea Scroll material, Josephus, the Early Church Fathers, and the Koran.

Old Testament Pseudepigrapha

New Testament Apocrypha



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