J. Enoch Powell

J. Enoch Powell (1912-1998) was a British politician and a classics scholar. Powell became known in political circles for a anti-immigration speech he delivered in the mid-1960s. A work on John remained unfinished at the time Powell died in 1998.

For sample verses from the translation by J. Enoch Powell, click here.


Title: The Evolution of the Gospel: A New Translation of the First Gospel with Commentary and Introductory Essay
Date: 1994
Publisher: Yale University Press: New Haven and London
URL: http://yalepress.yale.edu/yupbooks/book.asp?isbn=0300054211
ISBN: 0300054211
Contents: Gospel of Matthew
Images: Cover, Title
Comments: This is the first edition; a trade paperback edition was published in 2011 (ISBN 9780300184143).


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