Reprints of Pope's Layman's New Testament

Title: The Layman's / New Testament / Being the Rheims Text as First / Revised by Bishop Challoner/ Edited with Introductions & Notes / by / Father Hugh Pope, O.P., S.T.M., D.S.S. / New York / Sheed & Ward Inc. / 1934
Date: 1934
Publisher: Sheed & Ward, N.Y.; Printed by the "Gruuthuuse Press" Bruges, Belgium
Contents: New Testament, introduced and explained; cross references and paragraph headings in the margin. Index to notes; 1 map
Images: Title page
Comments: Cloth board small octavo, 883 pp. Challoner's Revision of the Rheims Text dated 1749 given on the left- hand page, annotations on the facing one. All books introduced. Index ends on p. 931.
References Pope: 680-7 & 739-1.


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