Zelig Pliskin

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Growth Through Tehillim


Title: Growth Through Tehillim • Exploring Psalms for Life Transforming Thoughts. [By] Rabbi Zelig Pliskin
Date: August 2004, first impression
Publisher: Brooklyn NY (U.S.A.): Mesorah Publications / ArtScroll Series
Contents: 1 to 5 verses selected from 61 Psalms quoted in Hebrew and English translation, and explorations therof. All 5 Books of Psalms in Masoretic text. – Acknowledgements. Introduction.
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Location: Collection Bibelarchiv–Birnbaum (www.bibelpedia.com). Karlsruhe, Baden. Germany
Comments: Hardcover with DJ, large octavo, sewn binding; 334 pp. – The Scripture texts and essays are introduced on three pages, undated. Rabbi Pliskin writes:
»The purpose of the present work is to enrich our experience of reciting Tehillim. It is limited in its scope. We will be focusing on a selection of verses with the goal of gaining a greater understanding of what they can mean to us. What we offer here can serve as a model to help the reader gain in even more ways from the same verses and all the other verses of Tehillim. (…) Your thoughts create you, moment by moment. As you continue to grow through Tehillim, your own thoughts, words, and actions will be directed on a Heavenward path.«
One to five verses taken from each of the sixty selected Tehillim are presented in the Masorah and its English rendering. This translation is different from the ones in the ArtScroll Tehillim and Tanach editions. Keywords taken from all explorations alongside the Psalms texts are indexed on 11 pp. Commencing with p. 272 the complete Hebrew text of Tehillim is presented, incl. the prayer after reciting the Psalms.

Note: The selected v. 3 taken from ch. 106 is superscribed with ch. 96 / קו by printers error.


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